Tuesday, 4 July 2017

South African Pastor, Lesego Daniels Feeds Church Members With Flowers

South African Pastor, Lesego Daniels of Rabboni Centre Ministries who gave his church members petrol to drink is in the news again and here's why.

Pastor Lesego Daniels was pictured feeding his church members flowers which is 'part of a healing process', according to him.

As shared on the Church's facebook page, the 'man of God' took a flower and declared it to be the tree of life before he gave it to one Mr Themba Maphosa to eat.

With the first bite, Mr Maphosa said that he could not describe the taste of the flowers.

The man of God asked Mr Maphosa if he now believes, and he answered, “yes”. Mr Maphosa took another bite which he later confirmed that now the tree of life tastes like mint.

“My conscious is now free as I have wanted to confess for a long time. I used to criticise the man of God about the same thing that the man of God Lesego Daniel gave me to eat (the flower)”, said Mr Maphosa with relief.

The pastor first made headlines when he made the congregants eat grass and followed it up with petrol, comparing drinking petrol to Holy Communion.

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