Thursday, 6 July 2017

Kardashian Family Are ANGRY With Rob For Posting Naked Pics of Blac Chyna ... A Revenge Porn

The Kardashians are currently very furious and angry with Robert for engaging in revenge porn yesterday - when he posted nude pictures of his now ex-wife Blac Chyna on Instagram.

TMZ reports that the popular family have described the ongoing drama between Rob and Chyna as 'unacceptable', although they would still stand by him.

Rob went berserk on Instagram yesterday and posted graphic photos of Chyna's privates. Instagram yanked them off and later shut down his account when he refused to stop.

Worse than damaging the brand, family members worry Rob and Chyna are hurting their 7-month-old  baby, Dream, TMZ reported.

Rob may face a six-month jail term and $1000 fine, according to the California law on revenge porn if Chyna decides to press charges.

But the cops say they have not received any report and the only issue is that Chyna 'liked' the posts on Instagram.

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