Thursday, 6 July 2017

Five Children Die After Eating Cucumber in Cross River State, Great Grandma Follows

Five Chidren have died in Amana, Becheve ward in Obanliku, Cross River State of Nigeria after eating cucumber, a facebook user, Paul Baji reported.

Mrs Dorthy Agbor, the children's grandma from old ikwette village a.k.a Bottom hill was said to have gone for the burial of one Mr. Emma Kechie when the tragedy occurred.

According to Paul, the children ate the cucumber in the presence of their grandmother and died afterwards.

"On her (Grandma) return the next morning, she discovered that 5 of her grand children were unconscious, she then raised alarm for help. 

"This attracted the attention of friends, neighbors, and colleagues who came to her assistance by rushing the victims to nearby clinics. 

"Few minutes after one female child gave up the ghost. Two hours later, 2 boys followed. As if that was not enough, 4 hours later another female child died. 

"As I speak with you now one of the victims who was undergoing treatment in the hospital has just died" the report said.

Paul also reported that the great grand mother - on hearing the news - fell unconscious and died as well, bringing the death toll in one family to 6.

Cucumber [Photo Credit: The Spledid Table]

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