Friday, 14 July 2017

EKSU Students Involved in Ghastly Accident Along Lokoja- Abuja Express Road.

About 20 students of the department of Political science, Ekiti State University (EKSU) on their journey back from Abuja for the 2016/17 academic trip were involved in a fatal motor accident.

The trip was led by a senior lecturer of the department and the president of the department. In the Bus were 20 students of the department of which six are 100level, three are 200level students,nine 300level students and two are 400level students.

The accident occurred at the lokoja-Abuja express road. Acording to one of the victims, the accident happened due to the burst of one of the bus tyres which made the car lose it control from the main road to the bush.

Everybody in the bus survivedm however, few sustained injuries.

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