Wednesday, 5 July 2017

DJ Jimmy Jatt - Chase [Lyrics] ft. Burna Boy - Download Mp3

Nigerian DJ Jimmy Jatt hits the internet with 'Chase' featuring Burna Boy.. Enjoy!

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Lyrics: DJ Jimmy Jatt ft. Burna Boy - Chase
[....] move like that
Dem make me feel my glass
It's so spectacular
And when you Waka pass
And if you are too far
I carry binoculars
I gats to see the ..
I must to see the ...

She say make I no worry
Say she go tell her daddy o
Say she go add spice and curry o
Wetin happen
Wetin happen

Tell them i'm bad and Chase
Anytime they see my face
Sometimes me sef I gats cooperate
Omo I no complain

They must know something about my face
And something about my ways
Wey dey make all the girl dem craze
Omo I no complain
So fun mi pe o mo po je kan wole
Even bend down wey dey come my way
Mathematics teacher dem dey
Nurse and doctors sef dey
Omo Governor dey
Omo ambassador dey
Won ki gbe fon fun ree
E gba mi o

Won wa mi o (E gba mi o)
Jimmy Jatt o
E gba mi
Won ko mi je bi Garri o
Tun wa mi o (Gba mi o)
Jimmy Jatt o

Girl I say me moving very proper
so dem see me like a helicopter
Treat them very proper
So Imma treat them like every doctor
I am no impostor
So my time would cost her

Girl I eat me up like pasta
Want make you be their sponsor
Waiting for my answer
Do you believe in monsters
So make me [..] monster

When you and me still dragging
This girl
Don't leave me for wagging
This girl
We can drop bragging
This girl
That anything can happen
This girl
When I know time is flashing
I call it magic anytime they ask me
Say she bragging smoking that shit
You know say Burna burn them like acid

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