Monday, 26 June 2017

Youngest Political Candidate in Nigeria 2017? Tamarakuro Pere-Owei For Burutu LGA Chairman

A young Nigerian man, Tamarakuro Pere-Owei Forteta rumoured to be the youngest political candidate/aspirant in Nigeria is willing to become the chairman of Burutu Local Government in Delta State.

Here is what he shared online:

The time is now to take a stand. The moment is this minute where we all must take hold of our future together. Standing together, standing strong, we can conquer the old folks.

The #NotTooYoungToRun slogan must not only be in words but in deeds and actions. It must carry the spirit and the letter of the hashtag.

Let's begin it with Delta State. As the force to see Ebikefe aka Shine your eyes become Chairman of Patani Local Government Area, let same force see Burutu LG give the ticket of Chairmanship to Tama. They represent the common aspiration that we pray and hope for.

Tamarakuro Pere-Owei Forteta for Chairman - Burutu LGA

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