Thursday, 29 June 2017

VIDEO: Nigerian Man Forcefully Pulled Out Of A Train By Inspectors in Munich, Germany

A Nigerian man got himself forcefully pulled out of S-Bahn Train in Munich by ticket inspectors after he reportedly refused to provide an ID or Ticket.

The incident which was caught on Camera shows the Nigerian holding on to a metal handrail while the officers battled to pull him out of the German Deutsche train.

A woman recording the video is heard telling the officers "This is absolutely not OK. The guy didn't do anything to you guys".

One officers is seen trying to remove the man's hands from the handrail while another brutally pulls him by the neck.

"You should be ashmed of yourself, this is racist what you're doing" She continued "Why are you doing this"

"You are doing this to him because he's black" she said as officers eventually pulled the headstrong man out of the train.

The video which was posted on facebook by Natalija Miletic with the caption "This is what happens if you are caught without a ticket on the S-Bahn. Being black didn't help ether, on the contrary" has garnered over a million views with many commenters insinuating that the officers were not racist since the man had no money to pay.

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