Wednesday, 7 June 2017

VIDEO: Married Man Gets Stuck Inside His Sister-in-Law While Having Sex in Nakuru, Kenya

A 55-year-old man had himself to blame while having a sex romp with his supposed 'Sister-in-law' in Nakuru Area of Kenya.

Nairobi News reports that the sexual intercourse between the two love birds turned sour after the man found it difficult to pull out his manhood from her 'cookie jar'.

The father of five reportedly left his house and told his wife that he was going 'to purchase a car', only to end up in his relative's house.

Cries of anguish from the duo who found it hard to disengage alerted relatives who broke into the house.

It was gathered that Mrs Magaret Nabwire, the wife of the cheating husband was the one behind the whole saga.

Mrs Nabwire told journalists that she noticed her husband had started cheating on her, so she sought the help of a native doctor to help catch him in the act.

The cheating husband and sister-in-law were later separated by the witch doctor.

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