Tuesday, 6 June 2017

See The Number Of Muslims AND Christians In Largest Nigerian States By Population 2017

The religious population in Nigeria and her states is a question that a lot of people have asked without getting answers to.. like a question of 'the Nigerian states with the largest number of Muslims', 'Christianity in Nigeria' and the likes.

Without doubt, the Northern part of Nigeria has the highest number of Muslims and few christians so-to-say. Here is an ESTIMATE of the number of muslims, christians in the Largest Nigerian states by population.

1. Lagos

Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria and Africa with a population of over 21 million people. Christians are about 11 million in population, with 10 million Muslims

2. Kano

After Lagos, Kano is the second most populated state in Nigeria. In fact, 2015 elections in Nigeria showed that Kano had the highest vote for Muhammadu Buhari, which is one of the reason he won.
Kano's population is currently 16 million and about 15 million are muslims, and 1 million christians


Oyo state population currently stands at 15 million. About 5 million are muslims and the rest are Christians.

4. Kaduna

80% of Kaduna residents are muslims, so out of a population of 12 million, 9.6million are muslims and 2.4million are Christians.

5. Rivers

Rivers state population is estimated to be 11 million but the muslim population cannot be estimated, as they are few. So it's a muslim majority country.

6. Kastina

Kastina has a population of 10 million presently,  with a very low number of Christians as 99% of the population are muslims.

7. Bauchi

In Bauchi, there are 9 million people with little or no Christians.

8. Anambra and Jigawa have 8 million people. The former is a Christian Majority while the latter has about a million Christians

9 Borno: It's Christian population has decreased rapidly due to terrorist activities and other form of attacks. However, Borno has 7 million people. 2 million Christians and 5 million Muslims.

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