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N-Power Recruitment 2017/2018 - How To Apply & Get A Job On NPower Online Registration Portal (With Pictures)

The Federal Government's NPower Job recruitment scheme has been created to assist skilled youths - graduate and non-graduate to make life better for all Nigerians.

The Portal was opened for registration on June 14th, 2017 and would be closed July 2017. So far, the number of applicants have exceeded 700,000, officials said.

To Apply for a Job on N-Power, you need to visit the NPower website Portal and click on Apply Now.

Visit the NPower Homepage and click on Apply Now

You should be directed to a new link where you can fill in your details.

PLEASE NOTE: The following are very cogent requirements for your N-Power registration and you MUST have them. Also, note that only graduate applications are currently being accepted, non-graduate applications are underway.

1. Your 11 Digit Bank Verification Number (BVN)
2. Your Full Name(s) - Surname, First Name and Middle Name as registered on your BVN.
3. Also, note that your personal information must match with your information as registered for your BVN
4.Your 10 digit Bank Account Number
5. A pen and paper to record your unique reference number (Optional)
6. Valid E-Mail Address

The second step is for you to choose your program. 

Programmes under NPower include:

1. N-Power Teach -

2. N-Power Health -

3. N-Power Tax -

4. N-Power Agro -

5. NPower Build

6. N-Power Tech Hardware -

7. N-Power Tech Software -


If your registration is successful, you will be contacted after some days on whether you are eligible or not.

If eligible, proceed to MY N-POWER PORTAL. As a requirement, you will write a general skills test and program specific test.

For more details, contact

The N-Power Teach as the name implies - is all about Teaching - and volunteers would work as assistant teachers in primary schools around Nigeria. ALL GRADUATES (all courses inclusive) including those with OND and NCE qualifications are eligible for NPower teach program.

The N-Power Agro is for farmers and prospective farmers. Candidates with a Bachelor's degree, HND or OND in Nutrition, Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Animal Science, Crop Science, Food Science & Technology, and other disciplines related to Farming/Agriculture can apply.

Do you want to work as a Tax Liason officer? Then N-Power Tax is for you. Read more via the NPower Tax link above.

If you are interested in medicine, nursing and other health-related jobs, N-Power Health is what you should choose. Read more here.

All other N-Power Programs can be accessed via the links above. Got any suggestion or anything to add? Please feel free to comment.

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