Saturday, 24 June 2017

Man Cuts Off His Daughter's Ears 'Because A Ghost Told Him To'

A 35-year-old Indian man identified as Amrit Bahadur has been arrested for chopping off his 3-year-old daughter's ears.

Amrit Bahadur, a father of six from Delhi, woke up after having a 'bad dream' and locked his wife, Meena Devi and five other children outside the room.

He said a ghost kept telling him to make his daughter cry, else it would take his child away from him.

India Today reported that Amrit splashed water on his daughter, Bina to make her cry before beating her mercilessly.

However, as the spirit kept on tormenting him, he chopped off her ears and 'tried to slit her throat.

Cries of pain and anguish from Bina attracted neighbours who were able to stop him quickly, Daily Mail reports.

Bina who was immediately rushed to All India Institute of Medical Sciences AIIMS in Delhi was able to get her ears attached back.

Meena told investigators that her husband kept hallucinating about a ghost for ten days.

Amrit now faces a case of attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm.

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