Thursday, 8 June 2017

See Drama! Two Lagos Drivers Fight Publicly On The Road

This was what happened when a man hit another man's car from behind - somewhere in Lagos.

Read as shared by Victor Ibeh

The owner of this vehicle is a traffic risk in Lagos.

I was in a bus some minutes ago moving through Cele flyover. This man came and hit us from the back.

It wasn't a mistake. It was a deliberate act. Some people sitting at the back of the vehicle were even injured.

Our driver was in his own lane. It was intense that even me sitting in front thought we would skid over the bridge.

The idiot drove next to our driver and began to issue threats. Our driver responded, and he drove off when he noticed I was trying to capture his image.

Because it was raining I couldn't do much. So we asked our driver to follow him so we can at least get his vehicle plate number.

He ran and was halted by a mild traffic. We got up to him and our driver alighted. The argument that ensued resulted in a fight.

People separated them while I got these details.

I don't understand how someone would intentionally want to kill us this early morning. Who did we offend?

The person on the right side, whose inner wear is showing is the idiot.

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