Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Biography Of Emmanuella Samuel & Mark Angel Comedy | Expensive Lifestyle, Net Worth, House, Cars etc..

Mark Angel, Born May 27th, 1991 is a Nigerian comedian who came into limelight for his Youtube comedy videos. He may not be the richest comedian, but he is worth millions of Naira.

His Youtube Channel, Mark Angel Comedy has over 1 million subscribers as he constantly posts funny skits every week.

Emanuella Samuel popularly called 'Emmanuella' is a young Nigerian comedienne and she also became popular on Youtube though the 'My real face' comedy.

She is loved by her fans and may be the richest Nigerian kid.

Emanuella was born on July 22nd, 2010, a niece to Mark Angel - the owner of the Youtube Channel and producer of Mark Angel Comedies.

She had been living with her uncle since her birth even though her parents her still alive. She ventured into comedy at the age of 5 in Primary 1.

Mark Angel Started his life as a photographer before going into comedy professionally in 2011. But before that, he was a member of a group that performs stage dramas.

Mark Angel never went to a university and is not a graduate. He got an admission to study medicine in 2008 but his uncle who promised to help passed away at that time.

He later came to Lagos to stay with a friend.

Most of their revenue comes from the Mark Angel Youtube Channel, although they also perform at shows at concerts and their combined net worth is said to be over $200,000.

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