Monday, 22 May 2017

Young Lady, Brenda Akinyi Waru Commits Suicide in Nairobi After 'Cyber Bully' Over Daughter's Rape

A Young Kenyan woman, Brenda Akinyi Maone Waru has committed suicide after being 'bullied' online while trying to seek justice for her child who was allegedly raped.

She had reported the case to a police station but an assigned officer asked her to sleep with him because she was 'too desperate'.

They lady then sought help from a facebook group "Buyer Beware - Kenya (ORIGINAL)" where she was insulted and ridiculed instead.

A friend of hers who pleaded anonimity, told Nairobi News that "in the week leading to her death, some members of the group had stepped up attacks against Ms Akinyi, with their line of argument being that she was faking the defilement story".

On Saturday May 13th, Ms Akinyi killed herself near Kabete Police Station by jumping in front of an oncoming traffic on Waiyaki Way.

A facebook user who expressed shock over the lady's death, wrote "A 3 year old was raped n guys just made fun of the young mother and frustrated her till she had to end up her life".

Another said "Though i don't know her in person, I witnessed this lady being bullied in this Buyer Beware - Kenya (ORIGINAL) Group. There is nothing much i could do to help because it appeared like an exchange between ladies which i thought could cool down".

"The last message i read is her asking a member of that group to stop laughing at her name "Waru." It was a long and complicated story but i can't believe that Brenda Akinyi Maone Waru could not tolerate the insults anymore and decided to commit suicide".

Her corpse has been interred in Tanzania.

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