Saturday, 13 May 2017

Watch The Awkward Moment A Groom Mistakenly 'Slapped' His Bride At Their Wedding

The bizarre moment a bee perched on a bride's face while exchanging vows with her groom during thier wedding ceremony is currently trending in a video shared online.

"On this journey that we make together," the groom said repeatedly after the Pastor.

Immediately after he said this, the insect flew past his beautiful bride-to-be's face and he wiped his hand in an attempt to sway it off from her face, but he accidentally hit her. It was a real slap in the face!

To his surprise, she laughed it off - and everybody else at the wedding, while he gesticulated.

The minister then said "there was a bee", and everyone burst into a loud laughter.

"I'd rather have that thing get stung," the bride said as she continued laughing.

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