Monday, 22 May 2017

Video: Sea Lion Mistakes Girl For Food And Grabs Her Into Steveston Water in Richmond, B.C.

A video which has gone viral shows the horrible moment a hungry sea lion dragged a young girl by her dress inside water from a dock at Steveston in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

An old man who was at the scene immediately jumped into the water to save the girl and was not hurt.

Marine mammal experts suggested that the sea lion mistook the girl's cloth for food

The footage which was recorded by a student, Michael Fujiwara has garnered millions of views on youtube.

Michael told CBC news that the mammal was being fed with bread crumbs when it suddenly jumped out of the water.

"And it initially jumped up to the girl to read her I guess" 

"And then it came back up a second time, but this time grabbing the girl by the waist and dragging her down into the water." he was quoted to have said.

He added that the girl's family was 'just in shock' after the incident.

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