Wednesday, 17 May 2017

VIDEO: Naval Rating Brutalizes Tasty Fried Chicken Security Officer in Lagos

A power drunk naval rating brutalized a security officer who works at Tasty Fried Chicken in Lagos state for directing him on where to park his car.

According to Zuwairat Asekome who shared a video of the scene, the naval officer beat the security man till blood gushed out of his mouth, while claiming to have been insulted by the TFC security.

She wrote; I have met very senior officers they're respectful and polite, why are these ratings so head strong and are so irrational!

It will interest you to know that this guy didn't try to hit this rating back, what really irked me was he focused his blows on the boy's mouth despite blood sputtering off this officer didn't stop, I was just about to get into my car then all of a sudden blood was everywhere, at first I thought he had injured the officer then I took a closer look it was the TFC security man bleeding.

Of course we refused to let the officer get away until we called the police and they showed up. Then he was rude to an officer way higher in rank and a woman, at least I expected him to greet her in an Esprit de Corp manner rather he was rude, in my opinion the Police Lady was actually trying to save him from being lynched because the crowd tried to force him to take the boy to the hospital to treat him.

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