Wednesday, 17 May 2017

VIDEO: Irish Woman Destroys A Nigerian (African) Woman's Shop in Dublin, Ireland

A troubled Irish woman went on a rampage to destroy a Nigerian - African market in Dublin, Ireland over her baby's father Jude who allegedly abandoned her.

Here's how a commenter narrated the story...

That girl met the Nigerian man years ago and since then he's done nothing but ruin her life when she met him she fell pregnant fairly quickly and thought everything was going to be perfect but no nothing as close as soon as she had the baby he marched her straight from the hospital to the birth certificate registry office to put him name on birth certificate as his visa to stay in country was nearly up while all along playing her for a fool didn't learn her lesson first time fell pregnant again for him he done nothing but drag her down for years took control of every little thing in her life down to wat she could wear and eat made her homeless but he's too clever never let himself down in public for other people to see but unfortunately she snapped and had enough and yes she doesn't look stable but that's wat happens to ur mind wen putting up wit years of hell, and being put down and made feel shit and no no one in that shop is afraid of her tgeirvall just clever enough to take out their cameras and record cos they know she's foolish and puts herself out there like that and yes a man in that shop did brake her jaw and why she is in that shop is cos them people in that shop are friends of the kids father and keep hiding her daughter in there and yes they did lock her in the shop the night before an d attack her so there's best part of the story so judge if you want but maybe think twice !!!

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