Saturday, 13 May 2017

VIDEO: Horrible Moment A Thailand Woman, Sudchada Bureepia Was Hit By Car While Crossing The Road

A video showing the horrifying moment a woman was hit by a car while crossing the road around Sri Racha Chonburi province, Thailand has gone viral.

The woman simply identified as Sudchada Bureepia was crossing the road while on phone and looking the other way when a car on high speed hit her, flinging the 40-year-old like a pedestrian in GTA 5.

Sudchada suffered a broken skull and later died at Phyathai Sriracha Hospital where she was admitted for medical care.

The driver, Mangkorn Somsut is reported to have been charged with 'reckless driving causing death', according to Kapook.

She was crossing (Youtube)
She got hit (Youtube)
And got flew (Youtube)

Watch Video below (Graphic)

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