Sunday, 14 May 2017

Senegal Jollof Rice is Better Than Nigerian Jollof - Reno Omokri Wades in Jollof Wars

The former aide to ex-president Jonathan, Reno Omokri has vindicated the minister of information, Lai Mohammed over the jollof rice comment he made in an interview with CNN's Richard Quest few weeks ago.

Mohammed told Quest that Senegal makes the best jollof rice, which sparked an unending outrage on social media.

However, Omokri, in a post on facebook on Sunday agreed with the minister (after disagreeing) that Senegalese Jollof rice is better than Nigerian Jollof.

He wrote; "The producer of my TV show, Geo Helene Sow, is from Senegal. She made the original Jollof Rice (THIEBOU Dieun) for me. Yes, Jollof actually originated from Senegal, not Nigeria! Jollof is actually named after a place in Senegal. They break their rice before cooking it and it is criminally delicious!!! Lie Mohammed did not Lai (or is it the other way round?) Guess what else also originated from Senegal? Zobo originates there too!"

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