Saturday, 13 May 2017

"Nigerian Politicians Abducted Chibok Girls Just To Discredit Goodluck Jonathan" - Journalist Narrates

A freelance journalist has come out to unravel her experience in Chibok, Borno state in 2015 when over 276 girls were abducted.

The lady simply identified as Odera N.O @princesspako on twitter, explained that the term 'political boko haram', 'politicians abducted Chibok girls' are real.

Her story.

"I think it's time to share what I learnt in 2015 when I went to Chibok to interview the families of those girls. All our biggest fears were proven to be true when I got there. The locals feel the truth. "Political boko haram" is very real. These people lived with those that started the religious boko haram. So they knew when it got out of hand.

The parents told us stories about how they were one of the few Christian LGs in Borno and have always been punished for it. The day these girls were kidnapped the VP adviced girls from his village not to go to school. So only 2 girls from Likama ward were taken. They burnt down his house, because they wanted answers, but somehow he found protection. They burnt down the LGC house too. 

When we arrived Chibok, they gave us the run around. A military gate was planted in front of Chibok and the residents need exeats to leave! As curious journalists na, we found away to conduct or interviews around the area. But the army was pissed off, they came looking for us. At one time the chairman of the missing girls was even arrested for his frequent visits with us, they asked him what he was telling them. 

They had already been trying so hard to discredit him, telling the other parents that he was getting paid for his work and all. Our guide, who had once been taken under the wing of Boko Haram authority knew that taking so many girls was not part of their MO. We managed to sneak in Chibok eventually and an army officer told us that BBOG campaigns were the reason the girls weren't back; We thought he was crazy. 

Especially when we saw the look on his face when he said he could kill the organisers with his bare hands. Everything about Chibok smelled funky! Why did residents have to ask army permission to leave? Why was the army planted there after the fact.  I was under NDA at the time so I couldn't scream from the mountain tops that dirty politicians took those girls. Their parents know!

They may be illiterate, they may not speak English but they are not stupid! And we as Nigerians are not stupid either! The whole debacle was well planned out too! Shekau releasing a video, talking about selling girls; how are they back and healthy now???

Nothing in Nigeria has ever gotten such attention! Everything just to discredit GEJ! And now the girls are just springing up so easily? Please what exactly has changed about the military since GEJ left other than new people in charge? Did they get any special training?

Oh negotiators huh? Why was it so hard to negotiate before now? Possibly because now they are not negotiating with enemies but cohorts. The families in Chibok even gave us background on how boko haram developed politically. They can connect all the dangerous liaisons.

I'm still in constant talks with the parents of missing girls association. I still hear the apprehension and fear in their voices. And I have promised myself whenever I go back I will uncover this story even if it kills me. It will definitely shake Nigeria.

Bottomline is, "political Boko Haram", and "this government took these girls" are not false claims. We just need to get the story straight."

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