Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Nigerian Lady Slapped for Complaining To Uber Driver in Lagos (Photos)

A Nigerian lady has narrated how she got beaten up for complaining about the bad treatment she got from an Uber driver in Lagos.

The lady simply identified as Afolaranmi Motosinoluwa said the driver stopped halfway and slapped her for grumbling about how he drove..

She wrote: I read a story about a particular Taxify driver that beat up a lady just a few days ago and I was alarmed not knowing it will be my turn pretty soon....... My day in a nutshell.
Called my father an animal for complaining about how he drives and the amount of inconvenience it was to me and he said "do you think I am an animal like your father" and I got angry before I could say Jack Rob, he stopped my ride and ask me to pay him and I gave him part of fare and next thing he got down and pulled my hair, then boom slap and a lot more ....... I sha ended up with a numb index finger!!!

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