Saturday, 20 May 2017

Nasarawa Governor Demolishes Radio Station, Breeze FM For Reporting Unpaid Civil Servant Salaries

The Nasarawa state governor Governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura has allegedly ordered the Urban development to demolish a radio station, Breeze FM 99.9 in Lafia privately owned by one Dr. Nawani Aboki.

According to multiple online sources, civil servants who had not received their salaries for five months went on strike and pleaded with Governor Tanko, through Breeze FM to pay them - a plea that was initially rejected.

Reports circulating the media says the urban development - also on strike - showed up with armed policemen the next day to demolish the radio station on the orders of Governor Tanko.

A source who aired his opinion on the issue said: "All buildings are required to abide by the purpose clause of the C of O. This is not the first building demolished in Nasarawa State for the breach of purpose".

"Opposition rattling, baseless criticisms, machinations, and vilification would not stop the NUDB from exercising its duties. It was an exercise throughout the state capital.

"In the first place, the owner of the building in contention did not apply for permission, his certificate is for residential but he converted it to commercial use. The buildings he erected are also without building plans. He was asked to come and regularize his papers, but he refused to come".

"Many houses were affected including the POWA Cornershop at A'Division, Sarkin Kwandere's House, even the Governor's House, etc".

"There are other private FM Stations in Akwanga, Keffi, etc, they weren't affected. So it's not a clampdown on Freedom of Expression, it's purely a violation of Development Control Regulations. So why is his own an issue?"

One Omonire Ovwigho Isaac also lamented that claims made by the state government against the radio station were baseless.

"The building has a C of O and the station has a Certificate of Incorporation before its operation as a Radio station in the state," Omonire said.
Breeze FM was commissioned in March 2017 by the same governor who reportedly ordered its demolition.

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