Sunday, 14 May 2017

Meet Joseph Joshua, UNIMAID Security Who Has Survived Boko Haram Suicide Attack Twice

A security guard attached to the University of Maiduguri, Joseph Joshua has narrated how he escaped being killed by Boko Haram Suicide bombers twice.

Joseph was part of the two security guards who intercepted the last suicide bombers in the school, although his colleague died after two of them detonated her IED.

In an exclusive interview with Yerwa News, Joseph said the last bombers came in two batches - a woman and two men.

He recounted how he followed the lady who walked 'unusually too fast' with his torch light.

"Her aim was to mislead us so that when we 'go after her, the rest could sneak in and head to their target," he said adding that they wanted to attack the department of works at the university.

Joseph explained that when he noticed she was not alone, he overheard his colleague shouting 'Stop there, where are you going?'

By the time he turned back, an ear-splitting sound went off -- the two suicide bombers had detonated their explosives devices which immediately killed his colleague.

The female suicide bomber hid close to a church in the school where she later detonated her explosive device which affected the structure of the church.

"My luck was that I was not very close to her, otherwise, I would have also been killed" he narrated.

Joseph added that his hearing has not been the same since that incident.

Read the exclusive interview HERE
Joseph Joshua {Yerwa Express}

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