Tuesday, 30 May 2017

"Laura Ikeji is my first wife, I was never married to the Mother of my Two Kids" - Ogbonna Kanu

Ogbonna Kanu, Laura Ikeji's husband has finally cleared the air on the status of the mother of his two kids.

The ex-footballer, in a post on Instagram, said he was not married before he met Laura Ikeji (his wife), adding that he's still in contact with his baby mama.

People, I just want to let you all know that I was not married prior to my marriage to Laura I'm happy to be married to Laura, my wife. I have two lovely kids but was not married. I'm cordial with the mother of my two wonderful children but we were not together when I met my wife Laura is my only wife and I love her God bless you all.

Laura also joined her husband to spread the news on her IG Page and wrote:

This nicca of mine has only been married ONCE in his entire life. N that's to me. He has 2 beautiful n well trained kids that I love and adore. Ogbonna and I are beyond husband n wife. We 're like siblings. I adore this man. @ogbobekee1 So no news here.

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