Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Lack Of Caution Sign Lands A Man And His Passat Car Inside Manhole in Bank Road, Owerri

An unsuspecting driver and his passat wagon landed inside a manhole on Tuesday night around Bank road, Owerri, Imo state.

Mr. Jerry Osuji who shared the story said the driver plunged into the hole because the contractor handling the road construction failed to put a caution sign.

Osuji wrote; In spite of all entreaties made on both print, electronic and social media to the contractor handling the Bank Road expansion, no effort was made to put up a #Caution_sign by the manhole on the expanded road near the Union Bank by the Wetheral roundabout. 

Playing out the envisaged fear, an unsuspecting driver of a red Passat Wagon car at about ,10:30 this Tuesday night plunged into the manhole while racing down towards the roundabout from the bank road.
Methink the contractor here has some questions to answer

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