Thursday, 18 May 2017

"I am incestsexual, I have sex with my brother" - Young Lady, Nicki says on twitter

A young lady, Nicki who claims to have been in a sexual relationship with her brother has come out to defend her self on twitter.

Nicki aired her opinion about incest, saying God supports it.. but she has been widely criticized.

She wrote;

No body chooses who they love, It just happens. Look at the gays? They're no different than us Incestsexuals. When God made Adam and Eve he must've known that their kids would've had to have sex to keep the human race going.. So God approves. Incest has been practiced all over the world but especially in Islamic countries.

Now you're not going to be islamophobic are you? Incest is best because blood is thicker than water therefore the bond is closer. It's an unconditional love that you can't relate to. Soz

It doesn't harm anyone. If it's between 2 consenting siblings it shouldn't bother you.... No different than homosexuality tbh

Incest is beneficial for your kids.. They can be born with things like autism and everyone knows autistic people are most intelligent. If we can accept black people, gay people and trans people in 2017 why can't we accept incest? Remember LOVE trumps hate. Everybody finds their siblings sexually attractive. It's human nature but societal norms have made incest a taboo so no one will admit it. If a parent and child fall in love romantically the child will be cared for have a better upbringing cause the love is stronger.

At the end of the day it's just love. I think we all need more love in the world instead of hate? Don't you agree.

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