Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Doing Business, the Classified Way

At the crescendo of every business idea, concepts or formula there always have existed a large lacuna where the idealist, concept creator or business formulator expresses a deep within rooted fear on how to jumpstart and continuously thrive the business idea, concept or formula in a progressive way. Starting up a business in this part of the world isn’t an easy venture. 

The thought of it alone drives a lot of people crazy and market trends and analysis have shown so far that the most difficult challenges businesses have come across have been encountered in the areas of marketing, advertising, and business development.

Many haven’t been able to properly articulates how to be creative and inventive with regards to creating business opportunities and multi-channel platforms to thrive especially for startups and small businesses. Conversely, classified sites like Jiji.ng, Postwanga.ng, olx.com.ng and mobofree.com offer an open, reliable fair and free avenue for business and individual to make good revenue from simply selling goods and offering their skilled services by designing their own sites or just posting free ads on other sites which can be easily assessed by millions of users on the web who may not know such items or business exist in your home or store miles away safe for the internet and free classifieds.

Services like this can be leveraged upon by both individuals and businesses. The service simply gives free visibility by ensuring your wares, offering or skilled-service is seen by those who require them. Platforms like Jiji.ng, Postwanga.ng, olx.com.ng, and mobofree.com over time have exhibited leadership and exemplary quest in the classifieds landscape in the Nigerian marketplace and it makes common-sense to make good use of them as a conduit to achieving your business goals.

As the world moves closer to a totally internet reliant sphere as predicted by the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is absolutely commonsensical to see that marketing, advertising and business development trends have continually been shifting place. Trends have now shown that businesses or individual who will traditionally place ads in newspapers, radio, TV or billboards are now doing so in much more direct, simplistic and free routes by using classified sites.

So, days of ruminating and rummaging in the dark on how to push business frontiers can be said to have been substituted with reliable and realistic options. This is not a tentative platform as classifieds have so far been responsible for a huge chunk of intra-communal commerce in the Nigerian marketplace. This, in essence, establishes the fact that e-business is the new sexy.

Lastly, doing business has never been the issues of any business in climes like ours but creatively sustaining the business, nurturing it with innovations and keeping it afloat with trends that promote sales and profitability have been the bane of many. 

For the business idealist, curators and developers, considering classifieds in your marketing mix is sure one way to be up to date with the marketing trends and options available to us all in the 21st century. 

As millennials, we must think upwardly and must do so extemporaneously.

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