Friday, 28 April 2017

Woman, Felicia Travelling From Lagos Dies On Arrival At Uyo, Akwa-Ibom Motor Park

A woman, simply identified as Felicia on Thursday, April 27th died at a motor park in Akwa-Ibom.

Narrating the story on Facebook, AB Isong said he went to Itam Park in Uyo to receive a parcel sent from Lagos when he noticed an unusual crowd, only to find a lifeless woman on the ground.

On arrival, I saw an unusual crowd and I decided to get close. Only to find this woman dead and laid beside the young shall grow bus which transported her to Uyo.

He later discovered that the woman's husband put her on a 'young shall grow' bus at a motor park in Lagos, knowing fully well that she was sick.

I was privileged to ask a co-passenger who boarded the same vehicle with her from Lagos to Uyo.

She said the woman's husband brought her to the park alive to board the vehicle. And that He knew the woman wasn't very strong while embarking on the long journey. And had made an arrangement with a pastor here in Uyo to pick her and commence prayers.
According to Isong, the lady landed at her destination, Uyo alive but she slumped and died some minutes later.

The woman arrived Uyo alive, stepped out of the vehicle, asked for her luggage to be given to her which the driver obliged. Seeing she was weak, they offered her a chair to sit while waiting for pick-up.. the next thing she fell off the chair and that was the end of her life here on earth.

Meanwhile, the pastor whom the woman had come to see, fled after he was told from a distance that the lady was dead.

The Young shall grow bus that drove the woman is pictured above. Facebook Photo

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