Saturday, 22 April 2017

VIDEO: Woman Caught Rubbing A Bride's Stomach At Her Wedding & Made Her Childless For 2 years, Confesses

A video of a woman who touched a bride's stomach in an unusual way at her wedding has emerged and sparked an outrage.

The bride and her groom are seen dancing, then the woman (pretending as if she was dancing) rubbed the lady's stomach, which allegedly led to her childlessness for two years after marriage.

Here's the video;

The lady who shared the video says the woman has 'confessed'. According to her; "They were married for 2years with no kids. The couple's friend randomly saw this video he recorded 2yrs ago at their wedding. They apparently confronted the woman and she confessed to doing something diabolic to her to cause her to not have kids! May God help us!!! Such a wicked world!!! Do we now add diabolical/fetish/juju as one of the Infertility causes! May God help us o"

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