Sunday, 30 April 2017

VIDEO: Anthony Joshua Reveals Eating Eba & Egusi, Pounded Yam is the Secret of His success

Nigerian-Born UK-Based boxer who defeated Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko in a heavyweight championship at Wembley on Saturday April 29th has revealed the secret of his success.

In an interview with Sportsbrand, the heavyweight champion said he still loves Nigerian foods like pounded yam, Eba and Egusi.

He also pointed out that has plans to meet with his state governor in Nigeria to see how he can contribute to the development of his people.

When asked about his connection with Nigeria, he said; “My heart is with Nigeria, my heart is with Britain, I’m a Nigerian by blood, yes. Eating eba with egusi is the secret of success"

"I’m even trying out to get to meet the governor, and go and get something back to Nigeria, even though we do small things for the country between my family and my mother".

"We help out the village she came from and If I could do more on a large scale, I’ll definitely come down there and associate myself more with Nigeria" Anthony added.

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