Friday, 28 April 2017

Mountain Of Fire (MFM) Members Burst Into Prayers To Quench Fire in A Building

Nigerians really believe in Prayers. This video shows some Mountain of Fire (MFM) Church members trying to use serious prayers to quench fire in a nearby building.

The video shows the prayer warriors calling upon the power of God to come down and quench the fire.

A facebook user, Ubong Kingsley-Udoh who shared the video wrote; 

Mid-last year, I wrote about the rising growth of negative dogma and tradition in the church and some folks were quite unhappy. I'm still of the opinion that religion should be a lamppost used for illumination rather than support. I just watched this video a few minutes ago and it further buttresses that there's a thin line between having faith and being outrightly insane. Until Africa come to the realization that prosperity and common sense does not respond to prayer and fasting, we will remain a brutal nadir, and sign a life-long contract on the bottom of the totem-pole of the world.

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