Friday, 28 April 2017

Man Reveals How He Smuggles People From Nigeria Across Sahara Desert To Libya and Europe

Here is Friday Igharo, the Nigerian man who has succeeded in trafficking people across the Sahara Desert to Libya, as they make their way to Europe through the Mediterranean sea,

Speaking in an interview with BBC,  Mr. Friday said he started the business after his first trip to Libya in 2007 where he met a friend who told him he could make money as a smuggler.

He stated that the first set of people he successfully smuggled were about 23, adding that most of them are now in Europe.

When asked if he felt what he's doing is wrong, Friday said: "It wasn't wrong because I didn't force anybody".

He continued; "Any of my passengers I took down to Libya the parents were always aware of their journey, even when they knew it was 50/50 risk per say"

"If Nigeria was a better country, I never believed anybody will take that risk through Sahara Desert or the Mediterranean sea" he added.

Friday Ighalo. BBC Photo.

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