Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Man Announces His Son's Death on Facebook 3 days After Announcing His Birth

His baby was apparently delivered on Saturday, and he couldn't help but announce it on facebook but sadly died today and Lawson Ojeme had to break the news again.

Ojeme in a facebook post said his baby, Dominic died due to poor health maintenance at FMC, Asaba.

He wrote; "Truly I wish to appreciate everyone for your felicitations. However I regret to share my sad news that owing to some bizarre health management @the FMC Asaba, my champion and fighter Dominic at about 8pm Monday night returned to the bossom of Christ having given this sinful world his best shot from 2am Friday morning.
So sorry pals, he was here in all heavenly splendour, overwhelming enough for me to share with you last Saturday but now he's gone. All glory and honour to our Heavenly Father Who gifts such timeless pleasure.
Adieus son."

Lawson Ojeme's baby, Dominic

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