Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Lagos Uber Driver Arrested For Stealing N500 & $2,000 From A South African Lady

A South African lady, Mongy Mathobela was yesterday, 25th of April left stranded after an Uber driver stole her bag containing her passport and N1 million Naira.

The victim, a first-time visitor narrated her ordeal on twitter.

"I went to the bank to withdraw money in Lekki, so he saw the money that I had it in my bag.

"He left me stranded on the road luckily, I had my phone on me because I wanted to buy something on the side of the road. I even bought him food and paid him more than what he was supposed to be paid and inside my bag, it was my passport and money 500k naira and $2000" She had said.

After the post went viral, one of the driver's neighbours contacted Mongy and gave her his address on the mainland, and she was able to get him arrested.

Reports say the Uber driver already had plans to travel out of the country before the Police nabbed him.

After he was arrested

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