Monday, 24 April 2017

Idi-Oro Mushin Fight/Crisis: Police Arrest 30 Thugs With Dangerous Weapons (Photos)

Over 30 youths were this morning arrested in Idi-Oro, Mushin when youth from Alamutu Street and Alaka Elegba reportedly engaged themselves in a free for all resulting into looting and burning of shops and buildings.

Trouble started when youths numbering over 100 invaded Idi Oro market and reportedly demanded money. Their rival youths in Alamutu Street were said to have resisted the move, resulting in a fight.

Dangerous weapons like machetes, axe, rods and bottles were reportedly used during the fight, which lasted few minutes before more policemen were mobilised.

About three shops and a building were burning when police arrived at the scene while several goods like beans, bags of garri, fufu and palm oil among others were wasted on the ground at the scene of the incident.

The hoodlums were reported to have cashed in on the chaos to loot several food items of market sellers like bags of garri, beans, palm oil, banana etc.

During the incidence, men of Rapid Response Squad who were stationed in the area had dispersed the hoodlums with tear gas before the arrival of more police officers.

Shop owners who later walked in when policemen came were wailing over the loss of goods in the fire.

A pharmacy store owner who declined to mention his name stated that his shop burnt because he declined to give the guys N600 when they came in the morning.

He noted that this was the third time his shop was being burnt in Idi Oro crises.

About 30 youth have so far been arrested over the incident. Residents confirmed those arrested were leaders and gang members involved in the fracas.

More than three bags of Indian hemp, machetes, axes and rods were said to have been recovered by men of Rapid Response Squad and Taskforce when the hoodlums were chased into the streets.

Shops in adjoining streets were closed over the incident while more police men from Rapid Response Squad, Taskforce and divisional police posts around the area have been mobilised to the scene.

They looted several food Items Including garri as seen above. RRS Photo

RRS Officials Were on standby

Shops were burnt in the resulting crisis

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