Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Truck Driver, Garuba Lawal Arrested For Diverting 600 Bags Of Flour Meant For A Bakery in Oyo State

For Garuba Lawal, 36, a truck driver for a haulage firm based in Apapa, Lagos, this is a trying time.

He and three others (Jimoh Adeleye, Wasiu Azeez and Jacob Adeniran) were arrested for their alleged involvement in the diversion of 600 bags of flour and disassembling of his firm’s truck.

Garuba had on a Sunday 5th March, 2017 connived with three men now at large to divert 600 bags of flour meant for a bakery in Oyo State to Sagamu.

According to Garuba, after loading the 600 bags at the Nigerian Flour Mills, Apapa, he was accosted by a young man whose name he revealed as Ismaila.

Ismaila offered to pay him N2 million in a diversion deal to steal the 600 bags and the truck. Garuba was offered a cowrie to swallow as bond to keep sealed lips about the deal and he agreed.

The truck was diverted to Sagamu, Ogun at 12:45 a.m. on Monday. Ismaila, who was in company of another two young men in a Toyota Corrola, piloted Garuba’s truck to where the truck head was changed with a smaller one for easy offloading at the warehouse.

As part of the deal, Garuba was offered N50,000 to hold on to, and told to drive his firm’s truck to his hometown in Ilorin in company of two gang members of Ismaila.

At Ilorin, Garuba took the two men to his residence. They two men collected N15,000 from the N50,000 and promised to bring his N2 million to him at home once banks commenced operations in the morning. That was the last Garuba saw or heard of the Ismaila and his gang.

To rake in something for himself, Garuba offered his firm’s truck head for sale but buyers would not buy as a whole. It must be knocked down into different parts and bought in pieces.

So, Garuba engaged panel beaters to knock down the truck into pieces. The buyer offered to pay N47, 000:00 for the six tyres and N450, 000:00 for the engine, radiator, 2 doors, wind shield, bumper, headlight and chassis.

Unfortunately for Garuba, he was arrested in Ilorin the day the truck was knocked down into pieces by the operatives of Rapid Response Squad.

Now, tracing Ismaila and his gang is a hard task for investigators. However, it has been established that this was not the first diversion Ismaila and his gang would be involved in.

Garuba and his co – travellers have been transferred to State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba.

Garuba Lawal

Three Other suspects arrested.

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