Saturday, 22 April 2017

Disappointed Armed Robbers Cut Off Man's Hand in Potiskum, Yobe For Not Having Money

A middle-aged man has been hospitalised in Potiskum, Yobe after thieves chopped off his hand 'for not having money'.

Narrating the horrible experience to Rariya, Umar Abdullahi Sadauki, who works as a truck driver said the armed robbers came with bows and arrows, threatening to kill him if he didn't give them money.

Umar said he and his family were asleep when the men of the underworld came in. 

He said; "I told them I didn't have money, they went to search the rooms and didn't find anything" Umar continued "It was when I tried to run that one of them caught me and chopped off my hand".

Umar Sadauki told Rariya that it took the intervention of neighbours who rushed him to the hospital after he screamed in pain.

Umar hospitalised. Photo: Rariya

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