Friday, 24 March 2017

Woman Rescued From Committing Suicide in Lagos Lagoon

An elderly woman, named Abigail Ogunyinka has been rescued from committing suicide at the Ebute Ero end of the Lagos lagoon by fishermen where she had already jumped into.

In an interview with TVC News, the old woman, who sells amala said she decided to end it all after her inability to liquidate a 150,000 Naira loan she obtained from a Microfinance bank.

She added that the shame and embarrassment would be too much for her to face.

Asked why she went with a little girl, she said it was to ensure that someone would tell the family that she had jumped inside the lagoon.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police in Lagos, Fatai Owoseni, explained that the police is making efforts to confirm the woman’s story from the bank in order to help her pay the debt.

Mrs Ogunyinka is the second person rescued from committing suicide by jumping inside Lagos Lagoon today.

This comes days after Dr. Allwell Orji jumped inside the Lagoon.

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