Monday, 6 March 2017

Fayose Releases Phone Number for President Buhari to Call him

The Ekiti state Governor, Ayodele Fayose has released his phone number for president Buhari to reach him. Fayose, in a statement released by his chief press secretary, Idowu Adelusi boasted that he is the only credible person that can prove to Nigerians that "all is well with our president".

He said “Let the president speak with me. If I tell Nigerians that the president spoke with me, Nigerians will believe.

“Since they are eager for the president to speak to people; believing in this way to convince Nigerians that their president is hale and hearty, let president Buhari talk to me. I can be reached on 08035024994. I am credible and Nigerians will believe me.

“They said he spoke to President Donald Trump; despite the hype, Nigerians were skeptical. Then they said he spoke to the king of Morocco; again, Nigerians were suspicious. Before we recovered from that, it is now the AU president that they said President Buhari spoke to.

“A president that can speak with outsiders should be able to whisper or wave to his own people. The people gave him the very important platform of President on which he stands today and, therefore, Presidential aides should stop giving the unhelpful impression that Buhari has no respect for the Nigerian electorate.”

I’m their best bet,” he said.

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