Monday, 27 March 2017

"Dino Melaye's HOD Helped Him Manipulate His Way Out of ABU" - Omoyele Sowore

Publisher of Sahara Reporters, an online medium has reacted to the declaration made by the Vice-Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Prof. Ibrahim Garba at the Nigerian senate today.

Prof. Garba, while speaking at the senate committee said that Senator Dino Melaye graduated from ABU with a third class in Geography in the year 2000.

But in a swift, and opposite reaction, Sowore described the vice chancellor's statement as a "highly tactical and well-choreographed declaration"

He said Dino connived with his former HOD, David Okoro Ogbonna to get himself graduated from the university.

Sowore noted that Dino Melaye had so many carryovers which were "fixed for him by unscrupulous lecturer"

In a statement on his facebook page, Sowore said "The documents released by Exam Officers of the Geography Department at ABU shows Mr. Daniel "Dino" Jonah Melaye couldn't have graduated -"GEOG 307" Long Field Trip is a compulsory course at the department".

"Melaye never passed "GEOG 307" according to these official records.First, the course was carried over to the 4th year, and then it disappeared from his grades.

Dino and his HOD manipulated and fraudulently added 2 units towards the "Total Earned Course Units (TECU) in his 4th year" he added.

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