Tuesday, 14 March 2017

PHOTOS: Dilapidated Magistrate Court in Aba, Abia state

The Photos below shows a "Magistrate Court in Aba...

Empero Gabriel Ogbonna, who shared the photos said

This is Magistrate Court 7 and Court 8 of Aba South , Abia State.
You can see how the court looks.
The last time I posted a photo of the court in a better state and now, the court is a death trap.
Magistrates still sit in the court halls.
When it rains, rain water floods the court,
When the sun is shining, the heat is something else.
There is even no electricity in the court.
The clerks of court are perpetually afraid for their lives.
Even animals are treated better.
It is a pity that we have this kind of court halls in Abia State.
Just scroll down and see the photos of the edifice where magistrates are made to stay and dispense Justice in Abia State.
Just scroll down

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