Friday, 17 March 2017

"Delete Yourself from My life if you believe Stephanie Otobo" - Reno Omokri

Former Aide to Ex-President Jonathan, Reno Omokri has asked his friends to "delete" themselves from his life if they believe the allegations Ms. Stephanie Otobo made against the General Overseer of Omega Fire ministries, Apostle Suleman.

Omokri said he made that decision because those type of friends would condemn him if he gets falsely accused in future.

He said "Potiphar's wife even had proof over her lies about an amorous relationship with Joseph so Potiphar can be forgiven for believing her, but what proof does this woman have in relations to her allegations against Apostle Suleman? None. Absolutely nothing. The only circumstantial evidence that could be corroborated was the allegation that the man had gone to her parents for her introduction, yet when her father swiftly denied it she changed her story and claimed the introduction was done in the Apostle's office. If you believe that woman's story and you are my friend in real life or social media, kindly delete yourself from my life because it means that if I am falsely accused in future you WILL believe my accusers!"

Look at the girl now saying 'God will expose' Apostle Suleman. She is very good at exposing her body and she promised Nigerians she would expose Apostle Suleman. Now, rather than giving Nigerians her promised proof she has shifted the onus to God in her interview with Continental TV! And there will be gullible Nigerians who will still take this manipulator serious. Last year, in the middle of one of the most divisive elections the world has ever seen, a girl accused Trump of rape but because she had no proof Americans dismissed her. If he had been Nigerian, we would celebrate such a girl.

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