Monday, 27 March 2017

Car Dealer Denies Selling Any Vehicle To Bukola Saraki

The Importer of the bullet-proof range rover allegedly belonging to Bukola Saraki, Mr. Tokunbo Akindele has denied importing any vehicle for the senate president

He said; "In 2015, we imported the bullet-proof SUV for the company use, we later changed our minds, as we got an alternative.

"We received the car in 2015, the car was not imported for Senator Bukola Saraki

The car dealer, Mr. Lanre Shittu who was also at the hearing said no vehicle was sold to Bukola Saraki.

According to him, "We facilitated the sales of the Vehicle to the National Assembly. We never sold any vehicle to Bukola Saraki

We requested for SUV docs from Mr Wale Tibubu of Oando, and we discovered they had fake documents from Customs" he said

The Committee later adjourned further hearing to Tuesday, 28th March to allow Customs state it's role in the SUV documentation.

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