Thursday, 9 March 2017

Lagos Projects Delayed By Federal Ministry of Works - Ambode

Akinwunmi Ambode, the Governor of Lagos state says the Federal ministry of works, headed by Babatunde Fashola is derailing the state government's effort to amend the road linking Oshodi to the international airport.

Fashola was the Lagos state Governor before Ambode.

While speaking in Lagos, Ambode explained that even after the president approved Lagos state to take over the presidential lodge in Marina, the state government has had restricted access to the place.

Ambode said “The road linking Oshodi to the International Airport is a national embarrassment. In the spirit of the regeneration and urbanisation that this administration has set out to achieve, we believe that the road must be repaired.

“We took it upon ourselves that the House of Assembly should approve the total reconstruction of the Airport Road from Oshodi to the International Airport in the 2017 budget. Every plan has been completed, but we are having challenges with the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing.”

Ambode said that the state plans to invite President Buhari and other people to the presidential lodge to celebrate Lagos at 50, but that may not be done because efforts to access the premises had been frustrated by the ministry of works.

“As we speak, we have yet to gain entrance into that place and this is frustrating our programme. The approval of Mr. President should be honoured and the agencies concerned" he said.

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