Wednesday, 29 March 2017

UK Activists Block Stansted Airport Runway To Protest Deportation of Nigerians and Ghanians

Activists Protesting. Photo: @EDeportations Twitter
About 12 Activists broke into a runway at Stansted airport in the United Kingdom, Preventing the massive deportation of Nigerians and Ghanians who failed to secure asylum in the country.

The activists, who were part of a group called "End Deportations", blocked the runway, while chanting "no borders, no nations, no deportations", according to Daily Mail.

Several flights were said to have been diverted to other airports in London as a result of the blockage, and the runway closed at around 10pm.

The video footage below shows some of the proteters sleeping on the ground while they chanted their "End Protests" songs.

Meanwhile, some of the activists what they referred to as testimonies. See some below;

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