Friday, 10 February 2017

Youths rush to scoop fuel from A fallen Tanker in Makurdi

A facebook user, Ben Dzwa shared the photos showing some Youths rushing to scoop fuel out of a fallen tank in Maiduguri, Benue state capital.

Ben advised motorists accessing the Markurdi Int'l market road to be cautious as the fuel tanker lost balance and has fallen by the side

He wrote "Motorists accessing the Gorge Akume way (Makurdi Int'l Market road) from the New Otokpo road are advised to be cautious.

Few minutes ago, a Fuel Tanker that negotiated the bend lost balance and has fallen by the side.

Some youth with cans are running to get a share of the dripping liquid from the tanker. This is seen as high-risk point but the boys seemed unconcerned.

Only one tarafic warden was seen at the scene of the incident.

Be cautious!"

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