Friday, 3 February 2017

NAICOM Settles N5.5bn Claims to Policy holders

The National Insurance Commission on Friday said it settled claims worth N5.5bn to aggrieved policyholders in 2016.

The Head, Corporate Affairs, NAICOM, Mr Rasaaq Salami, said in Abuja that the paid claims were as a result of complaints the commission resolved within 2016.

He said, “In 2016, NAICOM successfully resolved 218 complaints resulting in the settlement of claims worth over N5bn only to aggrieved policyholders by insurance companies.

“The commission received a total of 413 complaints from aggrieved policyholders against insurance entities in the year under review.

“In resolving the disputes, the commission held adjudication meetings and had direct contacts with all parties involved.”

According to Salami, the commission is working on and at the verge of resolving 650 ongoing cases from 2014.

He said that the cases were already at different stages of conclusion.

Salami said that the commission was committed toward ensuring the protection of policy holders.

He said, “NAICOM will continue to strive hard to ensure protection of policyholders, beneficiaries and third parties of insurance contracts.”


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