Monday, 20 February 2017

Househelp Escapes With Her Boss' 12-Year Old Daughter in Lagos

A house help, Mary has absconded with her boss' 12-year-old child, Faith from their residence at Fagba, Lagos on Thursday, LIB reports.

Mary, employed about three months ago was last seen leaving her boss' house with Faith while she lied to the gateman that her boss has sent her on an errand.

Narrating to incident to LIB, Faith's mother said that her daughter, who had never woken up early for school, surprisingly came to her room "saying she wants to prepare for school", adding that " I told her to go back to her room and continue sleeping as it was not yet time for school". 

She said "When it was time for her to prepare for school, I told her younger sibling who is on mid-term break to go and wake her up. He got to her room but didn't find her. So I asked him to go check for her in the house help's room but both of them were not there. 

That was when I quickly stood up and went outside. I saw the driver washing our car outside and asked him if he had seen my daughter and the house help this morning. He said he saw them leaving the gate with their bags. He said he asked them where they were going with their bags and they told him I was the one who sent them to drop the bags at the estate main gate"

Anybody with information regarding their whereabouts can reach the family on 08068782546 or the nearest police station.

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