Monday, 27 February 2017

Dele Momodu, Lauretta Onochie in War of Words on Twitter

President Buhari's special assistant, Lauretta Onochie, on Sunday criticized Dele Momodu for Praising Prof. Yemi Osinbajo in his article.

On seeing the Tweets, Mr Dele responded on Monday morning saying:

"Good morning Madam. I've been flying so just reading your tirades and vituperations against me. You picked on a wrong customer.

it takes a complete ignoramus to comment on an article he/she has not read or understood; when & where did I separate BUHARI/OSINBAJO?!

I know you want to do what you're paid to do but if sent on a slave errand you should behave like a freeborn and know how to join issues!

I’m not a professional activist like you and so your opinion of me is complete fallacy; I freely supported Buhari bec PDP was no option!

You did not have to hide behind one finger to attack me; I’m not a member of APC in order to maintain my freedom of speech & association!

In my article, I praised Buhari for having a deputy like Osinbajo who obviously in our usual tradition couldn’t do what he’s doing now!

I said parents would be proud of a child who’s upholding the family legacy; only mischief makers would get angry that I encouraged Osinbajo!

In fact you are the one getting angry and separating BUHARI/OSINBAJO just because I said something positive is beginning to happen!

What common-sense should I borrow from a rude person like you; where were you in 2015 when the GEJ guys attacked us like you’re doing now!

Do you think I cannot advise BUHARI like I did to GEJ; my support was never a blank cheque and only a loyal friend will tell you the truth!"

See Lauretta's reply below;

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